The solution when glasses press under the helmet and putting on the glasses is annoying

I-RIDE VXC is a glasses system for prescription lenses on the helmet. The system is simply attached to the helmet. The helmet carries the glasses, completely contactless to head and nose.

The I-RIDE glasses system makes life on the motorcycle much easier for bikers with glasses. Putting on the glasses is child's play. Either you put on the helmet together with the glasses or you simply put the glasses on the helmet afterwards.

Corrections to the seat as with "normal" glasses after putting on the helmet or while driving are completely unnecessary.
Unpleasant or painful pressure points are a thing of the past. The I-RIDE VXC system has no temples, nor does it have a nose piece. This means that the glasses are worn completely contactless to the head and nose. The glasses literally float in front of your eyes.


The I-RIDE VXC goggle system has been developed for motorcycle helmets with visors. It can be mounted on many different helmets and helmet brands. 

The I-RIDE VXC helmet goggle system consists of only two parts.

A - Carrier part mounted on the helmet. 
B - Lens holder (B) attached on the carrier part by high-performance magnets. 

The magnets have a total adhesive force of over 3 kg and hold the lenses bomb-proof on the helmet. Nevertheless, the lenses can easily be removed from the helmet. The attachment of the lenses works as if by magic, supported by the magnets.

  • Inclination of the lenses can be adjusted individually using a grid system. 
  • Center position of the lenses can also be set individually using a grid system in the carrier part.



  • Simply attach glasses to the helmet "as if by magic" in a second
  • Contactless to the head - long-term pain-free wearing
  • Fantastic wearing comfort - pressure point free - painless
  • Lightning-fast setting or readjustment
  • "Rider coolness" in a class of its own
  • High quality and precisely fitting plastic components
  • The glasses system can be taken to the new helmet

update: December 2022