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I-RIDE is the solution for motorcyclists with optical glasses: I-RIDE offers tremendous wearing comfort. I-RIDE is completely contactless to the head, mounted directly on the helmet. I-RIDE is completely spectacle hanger -free. This means that painful pressure points and complex placement of the glasses are a thing of the past. I-RIDE is immediately attached to the helmet with a handgrip and is removed just as quickly and easily. As by Ghost Hand. I-RIDE is attached directly to the helmet behind the visor / sun visor.
The glasses are stepless and easy to adjust in the inclination. This is also very helpful when putting on and removing the helmet.
If something behind the glasses is itchy or a tear press, simply fold the glasses forward, wipes the "villain" away and fold the glasses back again. Quite simply and quickly.

Wearing a helmet creates unpleasant effects for spectacle wearers. Among other things, the helmet applies pressure to the wearer via parts of the spectacles, for example, spectacle hanger or nosepiece. This pressure leads to unpleasant wearing properties, even to pain, for the wearer. Furthermore, the helmet can prevent the optimum fit of the spectacles when the helmet is placed, or the re-adjustment of the spectacles for an optimum fit is difficult or impossible.
Among these disadvantages of wearing spectacles, under a helmet, is the disadvantage of the visibility of the wearer through the spectacle frames and the spectacle hangers. Furthermore, in practice, in particular in the case of motorcycle helmets, the helmet positon is changed by the pressure of the air drag in the position towards the head of the wearer in such a way that the helmet is pressed forward and downwards into the face and thereby the optimum position or efficiency of the glasses is lost and the spectacle pressure is applied to the nose of the wearer.
This may cause to take off the glasses, for example, during motorcycling. The resulting visual impairment is not only a direct risk, but also reduces the duration of an optimum concentration during the ride, since the driver without glasses has to apply a lot of performance in order to compensate for the lack of vision with a higher concentration.


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