Quality for Performance



The design of the I-RIDE helmet goggle system was developed in collaboration with "Product Design Fasching".


It is characterized by:

- Easy attachment
- Readjustment on the helmet in all axes
- Horizontal adjustment of lens positions via an integrated grid system with position indicator (I-RIDE VXC)
- Inclination of the lenses to the eye via an integrated grid system (I-RIDE VXC)
- Automatic and self-centering connection using high-performance magnets for easy and quick attachment and 
removal or folding up and down of the lenses
Optimal performance of the glasses through the positioning of the helmet goggles system close to the eyes 
as well as the different adjustment possibilities
- High-quality and application-optimized materials

The I-RIDE helmet goggle system is manufactured by company "Neidlinger" in Leonding from high quality glass fiber reinforced plastics.
The helmet-optimized design of the optical lenses was developed in collaboration with master opticians in Linz.





QUALITY from master opticians

What are I-RIDE’s criteria for glass quality - what is the difference between optician quality and "bulk products"?



Customization of the glasses
The measurement or the subsequent calculation of the glass properties is carried out by the specialist optician, considering the individual visual performance and glasses position on the helmet. The glasses are calculated individually for each customer. These calculations include the pupil distance, the optimization of • glass thicknesses • glass edge thicknesses • glass mounting holes for maximum stability, durability and optimum lens angle.

Shaping the glasses
The glass form and the glass bending, the angle to the center of the frame, are optimized for use on motorcycle helmets. For the I-RIDE systems special optical glasses with individually adjusted base curve are used.

Quality of the glasses
Only lenses from premium brand supplier are used. This gives you the assurance to buy top quality in terms of • material • anti-reflective coating • hard-coat finishing • water, dust and dirt repellency.

The grinding, drilling and milling of the glasses is performed with high-precision grinding machines.
The lens edges as well as the final assembly of the lenses on the I-RIDE system are made in precise manual work by the specialist optician.


I-RIDE is a high-quality product from Europe, Made in Austria.



I-RIDE complies with the requirements of Directive 93/42 / EEC, the harmonized European standards CEN EN ISO 12870: 2009 for ophthalmic eyeglasses requirements and test methods (ISO 12870: 2004) and is compliant with the ÖNORM EN ISO 12870 edition: 2015-07-15.



The development of the I-RIDE helmet goggles system is gefördert durch aws impulse XL des BMWFW abgewickelt durch die aws. 








Connection between Helmet and Carrier Part

The carrier part mounted on the helmet is very durable. 
We have tested the tensile load with 12 kg over more than 100 hours continuous load with different helmet brands.




Connection between Glasses and Carrier Part

The bar magnet sticks with 1.5 kg 
and the two rRing magnets with 750g each.
More than enough for 12 to 15 g. That's the weight of the glasses.