in 1 second on the helmet - fantastic comfort - contactless to head & nose 



             new: CrossBar

I-RIDE VXC is a goggle system for optical lenses.
Through the system, the helmet carries the lenses completely contactless to head and nose. It offers fantastic wearing comfort. In one operation, you put on the helmet togehter with your glasses.

The I-RIDE VXC system is a high end quality product from Europe, Made in Austria. Not only that's why we recommend to you to buy high quality optical glass. Your optician can advise you optimally when choosing your glasses.

In principle, the I-RIDE System fits on every motorcycle helmet. 

In order to make sure that it fits also on your helmet we have prepared detailed information for you "before you buy".  This includes a template that you can cut out and put on the helmet. (Download)
In case the I-RIDE system does not suit your helmet, please send it back to us and we will refund the purchase Price.
Of course, the I-RIDE system can be transferred from the old to the new helmet.

Order I-RIDE system and lenses

> Order your I-RIDE system in our “SHOP” 

> Visit your optometrist and order your lenses. 

Bring I-RIDE and your helmet with you. The optician measures your prescription exactly, advises you on the choice of lenses, manufactures and assembles the lenses on the glass holder of your I-RIDE System.

> Mount the carrier part on the helmet.

The installation is simple and takes a few minutes. We have prepared for you a detailed and clear “Mounting Manual” as well as "instructions for use". (Download)




With the CrossBar, your I-Ride helmet goggles become "normal" glasses in one second.

Wear the CrossBar e.g. under your motorcycle jacket.

Change the glasses from the helmet to the CrossBar - done!


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