About us and the idea to put glasses ON the helmet


We ride motorbike since many years. We experienced and saw a lot of beautiful things. But unfortunately seeing became a special topic. In the beginning, the visual performance sneaks away on soft feet. One day we realized that we still see the gps system, but not what it wants to tell us. Potholes, bitumen or chippings appeared much faster than before. Funny?

So, we had to wear glasses. Just awesome. We saw the world with new eyes. Potholes, bituminous strips, crushed rocks and Co. made themselves visually noticeable. Especially much earlier and almost always on time. And after a few hours on the goat, we were not that dog-tired. Good vision- just awesome.

But the fun lasted only a few hours on the first day. Then the ears answered. Pain - helmet off - break! - Helm on and ride. After that, the Km performance was already less: Pain - helmet off - break! - Helm on and ride. On the second day, the helmet-off and helmet-on intervals were significantly shorter. On the third day, we have been looking more forward to breaks than to riding. On the 4th day, what can we say, the potholes, bitumen and co. appeared all at once much faster again.

So we had to wear different glasses. With thin straps. Ingenious - thin strap, top, that's the solution! Actually?

How the hell do you get glasses with thin hangers in the helmet ??? We learned about this: 1.) somehow, 2.) after some time, 3.) with a seat that never really fits, and 4.) makes you think of the glasses all the time. 5.) Correction of the seat of the glasses - no chance. And 6.) After refueling, all the “eagle eyes” were already somewhere, while we were still trying to stuff the glasses between our heads and helmets.

Freaking annoying.

What led us to the following question: Why do we still have to press your glasses in between our head and our helmet? You can put radio or headphones and even action cams on your helmet. Everything that distracts from riding can be stapled to the bulb today, but not a visual device.

So, why can we not just put the optical glasses on the helmet? Ok, that question was a good one. However, the answers remain missing. So we tried something. The tinkering became better and more functional. Finally, we decided to develop a professional solution. After more than three years of development work and countless tests, it was finished, the "OPTICAL GLASS ON HELMET".

Whether glasses in the helmet or on the helmet or without - in any case, we always wish you a nice and safe ride with great pleasure.

Astrid & Stefan & Josef